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Kay Elizabeth is a multifaceted vocalist living in London, born in California, of Jamaican and English heritage. She has uncovered through personal history, experience and education her own unique sound and performance style. Becoming disenchanted in her youth with American education and popular culture, Kay found her musical interests moving away from the more conventional genres of radio pop and R&B and began what seems to be a never ending trans-Atlantic journey between the Bay Area and the UK´s underground music scenes of experimental jazz, hip hop, hardcore and London´s flourishing reggae and sound system cultures. read more...
(Kay Elizabeth's video interview with acoustic performance of her composition 'Sunset' at the Studio N1, spring 2008)
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In 2000-2003 Kay Elizabeth embarked on her first experience of academic fulfillment completing a BA(hons) in Ethno-musicology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her main focuses were musics of West African Mande culture, Cuba and the Middle East, particularly Iran, taking vocal courses in Persian Classical singing under Toraj Kiaras. Kay continued her education at post grad level and in 2005 completed a MA in Performance and Culture at Goldsmiths University of London, focusing on concepts of performance and the performative body.

Since then she has been performing with different bands and working on her versatility as a vocalist and recording artist. Apart from working the jazz set, Kay has performed with the experimental/doom/disco band Chrome Hoof at Shepherds bush Empire, opening for the Klaxons in 2007 and performs regularly with the ska/funk inspired Fontanas, headlining the PRS stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007. She has also worked with musician Matthew Greasley forming the electronic/downtempo sound of Autodog, whos album 'Nightflower' is already in online stores. Also available online is the single 'Whys My Life Such a Game', a collaboration with composer/guitarist Ross Anderson and Ability Records.

More recently Kay has been focused on her own personal work of acoustic compositions, created out of poetry and prose and set to minimalist guitar chord progressions. A selection of these song-poems, a music project forming her debut album 'Disposition', has been a long time in the making...featuring artists Attab Haddad (oud), Joelle Barker (percussion), Danny Keane (cello), Tom Fry (double bass), Davide Pasqualini (percussion), Sean Khan (sax), Derek Johnson (guitar) and Ross Hughes (double bass).

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Joelle Barker
Attab Haddad
Derek Johnson
Danny Keane
Davide Pasqualini
Ross Hughes
Tom Fry
Sean Khan
Tim Bowen
Steve Slavin
Sita Rupe
Steve Double
Laurent Vernet.


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Discover the velvet tones and jeweled simplicity of Kay Elizabeth
Debut album ‘Disposition’ released October 2010 ‘Disposition’ is ethereal and autumnal storytelling within acoustic composition, a work created out of poetry and prose set to minimalist chord progressions. Kay is a multifaceted vocalist living in London, born in California, of Jamaican and English heritage.

Her debut album ‘Disposition’ featuring many of the UK’s leading session players, is inspired by a secret yearning for places lost and the love and shadows inside yourself... it is a journey not to be missed. Honest, raw and true to self the voice of Kay Elizabeth will leave a lasting echo.
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